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    5 July at 14:23 from atlas

    At the Kyancutta Store, a burger 'with the lot', means just that - the LOT!  Bacon, egg, cheese, onion, tomato, lettuce, beetroot, pineapple and sauce for beef burgers or mayo for chicken burgers.  People travel miles to get one.

    Besides our highly sought after burgers, we serve hotdogs, bacon and egg toasted sandwiches (or meals on a plate including fried tomato and baked beans), hot chicken or ham & cheese rolls, a large range of sandwiches, rolls and wraps (including are customer favourite - sweet chilli chicken wraps).  

    Of course we also have pies, pasties and sausage rolls, including vegetarian choices for our pies.  We've tried a few pie suppliers and have settled on Mrs Macs bake-in-store pies which have been very well received by locals, travellers and tourists alike.

    We air-fry chicken wing dings and buckets of chips for a healthier option to deep-frying.  We also serve gluten-free bread.  

    There are always treats cooked on the premises ready for you - lemon-coconut slices, Anzac biscuits, melting moments and our extremely popular jelly slices. 

    Even if you don't see your item on the board - ask us anyway - we often surprise customers with what we can offer.


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Store is closed - fuel ONLY (available 24*7)

The Kyancutta Store ceased operating mid-Nov 2017.