• Real Coffee!

    5 July at 14:07 from atlas

    The Kyancutta Store uses Nespresso pods to make you the best coffee for hundreds of kilometers!   See our large range of flavours including decaffeinated choices and even caramel, vanilla and chocolate flavours.  Also a large range of coffee strengths - on a scale of 1 to 10 we can give you a 24 as a double shot!  We serve cappuccino, latte, flat white, long or short black.

    We also make a range of teas, chai, hot chocolate, mocca and more. 

    Full cream, skim or soy milk available.

    Whatever your choice, you can take it with you, or relax for a while and enjoy it in the store.  Tea served in the store in fine china teacups for that little extra touch!


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Address Eyre Highway
(11 Railway Tce)
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Store is closed - fuel ONLY (available 24*7)

The Kyancutta Store ceased operating mid-Nov 2017.