• Kyancutta Weather Station moved to the store 6/12/12

    8 December at 07:34 from atlas

    The Kyancutta weather station (station 018044) was moved by the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) from its location at the original Post Office site (where it has been since the 1920's) to the Kyancutta Store on 6th December 2012.

    The weather has been reported daily to the BoM (as it is now known) since 1930 after operating as an unofficial station for several years.  For decades, the weather was reported every three hours around the clock except for midnight.  Gradually due to budget restraints the BOM has reduced the readings to the 6am and 9am daily readings that we now do.

    Barometric pressure and trend, rainfall, terrestrial (ground) temperature, wet and dry temperatures (for relative humidity), minimum and maximum temperatures, wind speed and direction and cloud species, heights, quantities and direction are reported every day.

    The station is classified as strategic by the BoM because of its cloud reporting (which the automated weather stations - such as the one at Wudinna Airport - cannot yet achieve) and also because of its location relative to Adelaide and its consistent and sustained record keeping over many decades.


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Store is closed - fuel ONLY (available 24*7)

The Kyancutta Store ceased operating mid-Nov 2017.