• Perry's Fuel opens 24*7 unmanned facility

    22 January at 16:23 from atlas

    Perry's Fuel Distributors are operating unleaded and high-flow diesel pumps at the now closed Kyancutta Store. The pumps are operating ...

  • Kyancutta Store for sale or lease

    22 September at 16:49 from atlas

    We recently added the option of leasing the store and house rather than outright sale.  However, time for the Post Office is ...

  • Kyancutta Store ceases trading Fri 18th Aug 2017

    18 August at 15:20 from atlas

    The Kyancutta Store has ceased trading as of close of business Friday 18th August 2017.  As a result, we no longer provide fuel or ...

  • No longer open on weekends and PHs from 1st June 2017

    29 May at 13:34 from atlas

    We've decided to have the weekends and public holidays off for a while. ...

  • We're for Sale!

    11 February at 13:54 from atlas

    Feel like a sea change? ...

  • RV Friendly Destination

    25 April at 13:07 from atlas

    In October 2015, Polkdinney Park, Kyancutta, SA was provided an 'RV Friendly Destination' classification by the Campervan & ...

  • Post Office now online!

    3 May at 13:57 from atlas

    The Kyancutta Licensed Post Office is now online! ...

  • New Post Office Licensee at Kyancutta

    3 October at 08:04 from atlas

    Geoff Rushmer recently became the latest Licensee of the Post Office at Kyancutta - continuing an 88 year history of this family ...

  • Real Food!

    5 July at 14:23 from atlas

    At the Kyancutta Store, a burger 'with the lot', means just that - the LOT!  Bacon, egg, cheese, onion, tomato, lettuce, beetroot, ...

  • Real Coffee!

    5 July at 14:07 from atlas

    The Kyancutta Store uses Nespresso pods to make you the best coffee for hundreds of kilometers!   See our large range of flavours ...


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Address Eyre Highway
(11 Railway Tce)
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Store is closed - fuel ONLY (available 24*7)

The Kyancutta Store ceased operating mid-Nov 2017.